About me

Training and experience

  • Degree in Psychology from the University of the Basque Country (UPV) Spain No. of Collegiate: R-00781
  • Classical Dance teacher by the Superior Conservatory of San Sebastián Spain.
  • Practitioner in PNL Neurolinguistic Programming by the Institute of Human Potential Madrid Spain.
  • Master Practitioner in NLP Neurolinguistic Programming by The Academy of Modern Apply Psychology. Glasgow-United Kingdom
  • Online Certificate Course from the University of California “Effective Problem Solving and Decision Making”.
  • University Diploma of “University Expert in Emotional Intelligence” by the International University of La Rioja. Spain.
  • Coach Certified by the Scottish Center of NLP Glasgow- United Kingdom.
  • Hypnotherapy Certification (Ericksonian Hypnosis) by Sussex Hypnotherapy Center. United Kingdom
  • Mindfulness Certificate by The Academy of Modern Apply Psychology. Glasgow-United Kingdom
  • And a long career as a psychologist and coach.

My work focuses on helping people change an unwanted state to a desired state. As a Psychologist and Coach, I help the client understand the difficulties of the unwanted state to lead him in the search for alternatives that will lead him to his goal.

My way of working is supportive, it helps you to develop the potential you have inside, with a little challenge when appropriate. I use psychological theory in a practical, realistic, results-oriented way. I strongly believe that we have the answers to our own problems within ourselves; However, we cannot always see them clearly. As a coach, I work with you to make the process easier for you to find these answers. Along the way I can also teach you some useful techniques, or invite you to use certain tools, if I think they will benefit you. I have helped people with several different problems, including overcoming anxiety and panic attacks, developing self-confidence; overcome stress, control long-term health conditions, decide on the next career change; preparation for professional development; return to work after a period of free time; how to deal with a layoff; managing difficult relationships; preparation for exams and presentations; overcome problems of procrastination and time management. In addition, I focus on developing assertiveness, self-esteem and communication, using the control of our emotions so that our actions are more effective and healthier.

I have trained with teachers from different Schools with whom I have been able to learn theories and techniques of Psychotherapy through different orientations: psychoanalysis, psychodynamics, humanistic, systemic, family and cognitive-behavioural. This experience made me have a broader view of Psychology and be able to defend a therapeutic pluralism in which effective interventions can be extracted from several different therapy approaches.

My experience in different sociocultural contexts has allowed me the possibility of working with a diversity of people who present a great variety of problems. The fact of knowing norms and values of other sociocultural contexts of my patients facilitates my work when it comes to setting therapeutic objectives.
I adapt my coaching approach to the individual needs of all my clients. The general structure is to work with clients to:
Increase your self-awareness and clarify your goals.
Identify and understand any self-limited beliefs and behaviours.
Challenge these limiting thoughts and behaviours by practicing more useful strategies.
Review progress and the action plan for permanent change.

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