Couple Therapy: Don't judge, explore

Couple Therapy: Don't judge, explore

Couple Therapy: Don't judge, explore

The mind very often distorts our perception of reality, we assume things that seem real to us and it took us a while to realize that they were judgments, and assumptions that were not real, and logically they had their consequences...

...The daily practice of getting out of judgment, and exploring reality with all your senses, your sight, hearing, touch, with your word and learning to connect with the real world and not so much with the mental world, is a relief and a discovery that it changes our lives and the lives of those around us.

The advantages for the human being are enormous, starting with health, medical science has already shown that it affects the blood supply to the brain, and many other forms of psychosomatic, autoimmune diseases, etc. ...

According to experts in the field, it seems that there are two types of interpretations, automatic interpretation and reflective interpretation. Automatic interpretation is when I automatically without thinking, unconsciously value or interpret something based on a series of assumptions with a series of previous beliefs, they can be acquired in childhood or later. The interpretation with reflection is elaborated from the data, exploring and analyzing them, and reaching more accurate conclusions than mere assumptions.

Many times people have resistance, reactions and blocks to new situations or not, if the reaction is due to lack of information, it is our responsibility to inform ourselves and not deny the obvious simply by a thought. It must be understood that to have an opinion that has a certain value we must have information from a good source, to speak for the sake of speaking, to give an opinion for the opinion, it is a lack of awareness that can lead to innumerable problems, especially in making vital decisions, such as change of job, place of residence or choice of partner.

Learning to distinguish between the types of reactions we have requires daily training and effort. The emotional world plays tricks on us, that is why exploration, learning, and management of the emotional world are essential to get out of certain complicated life situations.

Fear and panic are our enemies in difficult situations, we need to learn to identify them to accept them and take action on it.

Positive psychology focuses through Psychological Coaching on teaching accompanying clients to identify, accept and take actions for positive change. Learn to see life and ourselves with new eyes.

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