Couple Therapy: What is Essential for you?

Couple Therapy: What is Essential for you?

Couple Therapy: What is Essential for you?

Health, money and love are three aspects of our life that a great majority of people say are essential. However, sometimes we don't protect our health, we don't take care of our partner, and we don't work effectively.
Health depends a lot on us, having healthy lifestyle habits, such as a proper diet and walking 4 or 5 kilometres a day (physical exercise is almost like a treatment). And we know that our mental health is also essential for our well-being.

We know that anxiety and depressive disorders are closely related to alterations in the immune system. Looking for positive thoughts and empowering them, having a new attitude, open to learning and courageous to start a process of change.
When we take care of our partner we take care of ourselves, the same as when we take care of our environment and the way we work.

Positive psychology focuses through Psychological Coaching on teaching accompanying clients to identify, accept and take actions for positive change. Learn to see life and ourselves with new eyes.
Due to the current health circumstances in the world and the economic consequences in the present and in the near future, states of anxiety and worry and fear have increased in many people, therefore, one of the essential lessons that we could learn from this crisis It is working on ourselves, learning new resources to manage our emotions. Working on oneself is the best work we can do in our lives, not only to avoid useless suffering but to be happier, not only us but also the people around us.
The practise of living consciously is already a recommendation and suggestion made by most psychologists, doctors, coaches, health workers, psychotherapists, teachers, athletes ... and a long etcetera.

Mindfulness is the awareness that appears by deliberately paying attention in the present moment and without judgment to how the experience unfolds from moment to moment. (Jon Kabat-Zinn)

Creating daily routines, with practices such as breathing, encouraging silence, active listening, letting go of negative thoughts, positive attitude, and many others that each one discovers with experience is to introduce a change of life where you will soon feel the exceptional benefits. The path of living practising the most conscious being encompassed all areas of the human being and throughout his life.

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