Couple Therapy: Does couples therapy work?

Couple Therapy: Does couples therapy work?

Couple Therapy: Does couples therapy work?

A large part of the problems in marriage are rooted in communication problems, this causes irreparable damage because they damage their unity and in this way, the family is destroyed.
Studies show that couples therapy is effective in restoring a relationship 75 per cent of the time. Going into your first couples THERAPY session can be intimidating at first.
Traditional marriage therapy has a 70 to 80 per cent success rate. Some research a decade ago indicated that 38 per cent of couples receiving marriage therapy divorced within four years of completing therapy.

However, the success rate is high.
Sometimes the goals may involve changes in patterns that existed in the couple long before the relationship began. These situations may take longer to resolve. However, the average course of successful marriage therapy takes about 12-16 sessions.
"Most people go to couples therapy when intimacy or communication stalls and maybe they are on life support," says Dr Hoge. ... But healthy couples can also benefit from couples therapy, he notes, as it is an opportunity to improve connection and communication. Therefore, you should not go alone if you have problems.
Couples separate for many reasons. Relationship experts often attribute breakups to money, sex, in-laws, children, and other stresses of normal life.
The Gottman Method is a popular method that is practised among couples therapists. The technique is designed to help couples deepen their understanding of each other while managing conflicts in their relationship. The Gottman Institute has more than 40 years of research to its credit. The Gottman Method is an approach to couples therapy that is based on the house theory of strong relationships. ... The Gottman Method aims to improve verbal communication, increase intimacy, increase respect, increase affection, remove barriers to conflict resolution, and create more empathy and compassion in relationships.
Even in an abusive relationship, the marriage therapist is not likely to suggest divorce. However, they will help the victim find separation and seek help. Therapists will do their best to keep their clients safe.
If your partner has had an affair, couples therapy can help. The couple who decide to rebuild their relationship after an affair can use therapy to rebuild trust in their relationship.
There are many benefits to attending marriage counselling before marriage, and newly engaged couples could take advantage of this. Premarital counselling can help couples communicate, discuss past issues, learn to solve problems effectively, and even get to know each other better.
Every time a conflict arises, you and your spouse engage in destructive criticism. Hurtful words are so common among you that they have become your “natural” way of communicating.
You can improve your marriage, but first, you need to identify the root of the problem and convince yourself that it is best for both of you to change.

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