Leaving the comfort zone pays off

Leaving the comfort zone pays off

Leaving the comfort zone pays off

When we talk about leaving the comfort zone, it is very important not to trivialize that context. Leaving the comfort zone is difficult, and the consequences must be weighed, because we are at stake, among other things, personal development or depression, both in different proportions and scales.

Motivation, hope, positivism, resilience, self-esteem, all of them are going to be values ​​that are going to be set in motion when we decide to leave our comfort zone. The attitude with which we live the moment of change is going to be paramount.

Today there are many impressive phrases that we can take for good and useful, but the experience is what will develop us. The experience does not bring happiness and suffering, and you learn from both.

Attitude has a huge impact on health, for example, the functioning of the brain when it comes to finding new alternatives, new options, when it comes to learning faster when it comes to paying more attention, I think motivation and Attitude are the essential elements to at least reduce the distress that we experience on a daily basis when leaving the comfort zone.
The level of commitment has to be very high because the barriers of the comfort zone are the barriers of panic, panic to uncertainty, panic to ambiguity, to the unknown.
A part of us that is attached to the known, familiar, even if we are fine in that area, that a person dares to leave there, implies that they have to take a leap of faith, they have to be aware that they are going to find something better than what it leaves, of course, it is difficult because one is aware of what he loses, but does not know what he is going to gain.
In my experience, it is usually common to step out of the comfort zone when it hits rock bottom, and also because something or someone generates an inspiration.
In any case, it is always advisable to make a detailed, specific, measurable and reasonable study of our wishes and the positive and negative consequences that leaving our comfort zone can bring us.
True, there is a much prettier, much grander space that is worth experiencing and living, and sometimes it is on the other side of the comfort zone.
One of the fundamental human needs that most of us need to satisfy at some level is the need for growth. The only difference between high achievers and the rest is that they spend more time meeting this need by spending it in the growth zone. One of the skills you learn to master in life is feeling comfortably uncomfortable and having the determination to succeed.
Your mind can work for you or against you. However, you cannot leave it to chance. If you don't proactively program your mind to work for you, then it could work against you with negative thoughts, useless repetitive patterns, and Fear.
The little voice in the back of your head will give you a thousand reasons why your new endeavour will fail, it is dangerous, it must not be repeated, it must be avoided ... the album is played over and over again and we have to keep it at bay by being aware of what that we really want and its consequences.
By pushing the limits, trying new ideas, being aware of the limitations and being resilient, discovering what works and practising it so that you can replicate it again, you will naturally step out of your comfort zone and operate in the space that could be called the performance zone, in which you will see the results.
The area in which you become more aware of your thoughts, feelings and actions and you will create a source of satisfaction and personal growth.

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