The couple commitment

The couple commitment

The couple commitment

Couples can bring different degrees of commitment to their relationship, both present and future. The first step would be the creation of a couple, our mind sometimes tells us that we are individual, independent, but the creation of a couple means that we are two people closely related in almost all aspects of life.

All couples are related to each other, but not all couples are really related. You need to move from just relating to “Being a couple”.

Creating a couple is a two-part process. The first part is simply drawing the distinction between me, my partner, and us or Partner in their minds. By defining “Partner” as something distinct and tangible in and of itself, you can focus on your relationship as something that needs to grow. Now we count on each other, and it is convenient to agree on the desires to grow as a couple and that neither feels that something essential is missing from their life. However, if this were to happen it would be frank, honest, and respectful communication to clarify and smooth the way.

Thus, we come to a second step which is the creation of your vision of the couple.

Now that you are a couple, it is convenient to create the vision of the ideal Couple in which you want to become. Like a blueprint for a house, a vision becomes the big picture of what your relationship would look like if it were perfect, as you define it. In other words, it is the blueprint for the perfect relationship that you want to create and live for the rest of your life.

The power of a partner's vision can also serve to inspire you to action and get you moving toward making it a reality.

So, now, you must create your own dream or vision of what your relationship would be like if it were perfect, as you define it. But no matter how uplifting your vision is, it's not enough. You must create concrete action strategies to get from where you are now to where you want to go as a couple. The task here is to determine actions that, if followed consistently by both of you, would help make your vision a reality.

Of course, each of them takes 100 per cent responsibility for doing what they've decided will work for their partner to look and feel exactly the way they envisioned.

One problem for many couples is that they get so caught up in their daily responsibilities that they lose sight of taking care of their relationship. They find themselves reacting to the multitude of immediate demands on their time. They end up too stressed or tired to pay attention to each other. They may try for a while to fit their relationship into the limited time they have left after doing all the other tasks, but they often get discouraged and give up. The couple gets lost, in the rush, the stress, the tiredness and the demands of life. But we must prioritize what we want.

The key is not to prioritize your schedule but to schedule your priorities.

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