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  • Sincere interest in people, their well-being, their health, their quality of life and personal and social development.
  • I firmly believe that with personal development the human being manages to be happier and make others happier.
  • Acceptance of various lifestyles, respect for the person, protection of human rights, honesty, sincerity and prudence in the application of professional techniques.
  • Respect for the moral and religious criteria of the clients.
  • Compliance with the ethical and professional principles established in the code of ethics of the Official College of Psychologists.
  • As a Psychologist and Coaching professional, I am obliged by my code of ethics to preserve the total confidentiality of what my clients share with me during the process. In addition, before starting the sessions, the client and I sign the Confidentiality Agreement, as well as a Collaboration Alliance where everything related to the process, procedure, payment method, etc. is detailed.

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  • The Psychology Coaching process is divided into sessions and usually lasts about 10-12 sessions.
  • The first 4 sessions are usually weekly, the next 4 every 15 days and the next 1 time a month until reaching the objective (it will depend on the evolution of the process).
  • The first session is usually about 30 minutes and is free. In it, I will explain my methodology and listen to you to tell me what your current situation is, as well as the objective you want to achieve.

Sessions Online or in-person therapy
£50 session
Each 60 min session. Approximately.
The video call (Skype)

Couple Therapy is €50 or £55

Students and unemployed have reduced prices.

Sessions Online
40€ session.
Each 60 min session. Approximately.
The video call (Skype)

Payment by bank transfer one day before the session.

I will contact you as soon as possible to agree on the date of the session at the time that best suits your availability.
If you prefer, write to me first and I will answer you with a rating. For free.


  1. Online therapy allows me to bring psychology and coaching closer to anyone, regardless of the country where I live, schedules and conditions, having the sessions from the comfort of your home, the desired confidentiality, and privacy, adapted to your time availability.
  2. You only dedicate the session time, so you save travel time and waiting rooms.
  3. Prices are generally more affordable.
  4. The schedule is flexible and adapted to your needs.
  5. You can have therapy in Spanish regardless of the country in which you live.
  6. You can have the sessions from any electronic device (Computer, Tablet, Mobile), you don’t need any technical knowledge.

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  1. Select if you prefer a session or a 3- or 6 sessions discount voucher.
  2. Payment can be made by card, Paypal or by bank transfer. You will receive a confirmation in your email.
  3. I will contact you as soon as possible to agree on the date of the session at the time that best suits your availability.

General conditions

• By making an online reservation, you accept the Legal Notice and the Privacy Policy of Psicología y Coaching Más Que Dos and confirm that you are of legal age.
• The sessions last approximately 60 minutes.
• The payment of the consultation is made at least 24 hours in advance.
• You can change the day and time of the consultation up to 24 hours before having it.
• The validity of the individual session is 3 months from the date of purchase, and the bonus (in its entirety) of 6 months from the date of purchase.
 Any questions you have, contact me.

Fill out the form below to contact without obligation, and I will respond as soon as possible.

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If you prefer, you can call, send a WhatsApp message or write an E-mail to request information without obligation to:
Spain: +34 628 894 957
United Kingdom: +44 07540 077 428

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