Coaching for Expatriates

International life as an expatriate -Expat- is full of experiences, wonderful experiences, but at the same time presents great challenges.

I have more than 10 years of experience working with expatriates -Expat-. In these years I have lived in various countries such as Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France among others, which allows me to know first-hand the challenges that expatriates face.


I can help you feel more content and confident and learn various tools to navigate the challenging moment of expat life, including cross-cultural adjustment. The cross-cultural adjustment is "...represent a more integrative approach to a new culture, (the expats) are open to the host culture, but integrate new behaviour, norms and roles into the foundation provided by (their) home cultures" (Church, 1982, p. 542). It is essential to understand that all expats pass by a Culture shock was defined as the period of anxiety before an individual feels 'comfortable in a new culture (Oberg, 1960).

My method involves supporting the expat and with her/his spouse and family, if it is the case, helping them overtake the Culture shock and adjust to the new environment, including adjustment to work, the country, integrate into the new values and culture and with the society.

What is an Expat Coaching process?

In my years of experience living abroad and supporting expats, I have found effective strategies to help them:


Overcoming difficult times in expat life


Overcoming difficult times in the expat's life Developing strategies so that they feel adapted to their new environment


Learn skills that provide them with an increase in their well-being, so that they feel happy and safe in their new environment


Be more present and connected with your partner, family and / or friends


Get clarity on what your "best life abroad" means to you


And more...

Why can i help you


I have helped clients in different parts of the world to develop security and trust strategies to adapt in an emotionally balanced way in a new cultural society and with different values to the natives.

Additionally, I have a set of methods and strategies to develop / strengthen emotional resilience that provides the necessary elements to survive in a pleasant and balanced way, as well as support expatriates to achieve their goals.

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I have years of experience in countries such as Spain, France, Australia and the United Kingdom.

I have been trained with teachers from different Schools with whom I have been able to learn theories and techniques of Psychotherapy through different orientations: psychoanalysis, psychodynamics, humanistic, systemic, family and cognitive-behavioral. This experience allowed me to have a broader vision of Psychology and to be able to defend a therapeutic pluralism in which effective interventions can be extracted from several different therapy approaches.

I can also help you with


Become aware of your current situation


Balance the different areas of your life


Make vital decisions


Achieve your goals


Improve your relationships. Couple Therapy


Change aspects of your behaviour that do not satisfy you


Make significant changes in your life


Bring out the best of yourself


Anxiety & depression


Conflict resolution


Discover your values and the ultimate meaning of your actions


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