“Psychological Coaching is a branch of Psychology that deals with the systematic application of behavioral science for the improvement of life experience, job performance and well-being of individuals, groups and organizations. It focuses on facilitating the achievement of objectives, on improving the growth and personal and professional development of clients in their personal life and in the workplace. It is not intended to directly treat clinically significant cases of mental illness or abnormal levels of distress” (Grant, 2011)


What does a Psychological Coaching process consist of?

The overall structure is to work with clients to:



We evaluate the current situation from a broad perspective, valuing all related aspects, becoming aware of where we are, what may be blocking and what aspects we want to improve.

Set goals

Being aware of where we are and where we want to reach, we set goals and discover how to achieve them in a set time.


We take the first step towards permanent success. Commitment and responsibility of life.

Ask yourself


Are you struggling with anxiety, sadness, low self-esteem?

Do you need a couple therapy?

Do you suffer bullying?

Are you dissatisfied with the direction your life is currently taking?

Do you think you have social phobia?

Would you like to develop your confidence in yourself?

Do you want to overcome your shyness?

Do you feel stressed and struggling to maintain a balance between work and family life?

Workplace Harassment?

Have you been fired or is your job at risk?

Do you want to end your migraine and / or fibromyalgia?

Are you worried about returning to work after some free time?

Do you want to succeed with your next partner?

Are you worried about not controlling your anger?

Would you like to change or develop your career?

Do you need someone to listen to you, without judging and empathizing with you?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions and you want to do something about it, I can help you. Please contact me for an initial talk. It will be a free, completely confidential, free consultation that will last approximately 30 minutes.

The consultation will help you decide if you will benefit from the psychological coaching process with me. In that half hour I will analyse the areas in which you feel you need training and suggest how I can help you. During this session, you will know how I work and if I am the right coach for you.

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I have years of experience in countries such as Spain, France, Australia and the United Kingdom.

I have been trained with teachers from different Schools with whom I have been able to learn theories and techniques of Psychotherapy through different orientations: psychoanalysis, psychodynamics, humanistic, systemic, family and cognitive-behavioral. This experience allowed me to have a broader vision of Psychology and to be able to defend a therapeutic pluralism in which effective interventions can be extracted from several different therapy approaches.

I can also help you with


Become aware of your current situation


Balance the different areas of your life


Make vital decisions


Achieve your goals


Improve your relationships. Couple Therapy


Change aspects of your behaviour that do not satisfy you


Make significant changes in your life


Bring out the best of yourself


Anxiety & depression


Conflict resolution


Discover your values and the ultimate meaning of your actions


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